Bringing the analytics revolution to social impact

We exist to empower the social sector with state-of-the-art data technologies and skills. We help high impact organizations embrace self service analytics and become data-driven.

The Impact Intel Solution

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Communicate impact of technology and link successes directly to good outcomes for organizations in order to inspire action from both leaders and data champions.

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The “Impact Data Toolkit” - We packaged a full stack of state-of-the-art data wrangling technology tools in the cloud, to allow uptake with ease and affordability.

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Deploy top technical talent and volunteers to organizations to meet urgent need, capture high-impact quick wins, and build complex systems.

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Capacity Building

Train, mentor and curate experience for individuals that will deploy and integrate into humanitarian organizations.

The Impact Intel Roadmap

We divide the way we work with our clients in two frameworks, the assessment framework and the activities framework. The assessment framework includes requirements gathering using agile techniques like personas and user stories, a detailed map of data flows in, out, and within the organization, and an assessment of the technology needs. The result of the assessment framework is a roadmap for the client with a mix of activities that include implementation of the technology stack or part of it, some consulting, executive coaching, and data literacy activities for the staff.

The Impact Data Toolkit

We give client nonprofits access to a “one stop shop”, fully integrated, tech stack to work with data: the “Impact Intel Toolkit”. In the toolkit, we package “as a service” the state-of-the-art self-service analytics technologies, allowing scalability, flexibility, and integration with different data capture and storage solutions, and will include modules to cover all the different phases of the data value chain: data collection, data storage, data wrangling, visual analytics. The toolkit is also ready for advanced use cases involving predictive and spatial analytics and data science.

The Impact Intel Community of Practice

We promote and animate a community of data professionals working in social impact. We offer an online platform and organize webinars and meetups for a wide network of analysts, to facilitate interconnection across the sector and index solutions to problems that other people probably have.